The Reason Why I Use a Strapless Heart Rate Monitor

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Just the other day I was having some problems with my fitness exercises. I never knew how much exercise to do daily so as to keep healthy. Was I doing less of the exercises or actually overdoing them? Was I really getting the best out of these exercises? This is when I decided to get myself a heart rate monitor. It was to help me calculate and maintain my heart rate within a given target zone in order to get the best results out of these exercises.

A new problem came up in deciding the type of heart rate monitor to use. After some needed research, I managed to choose the strapless monitor. I felt it was convenient with my type of exercise which was basically jogging. I didn’t see the need of a chest strap when jogging around. Better still, I get uncomfortable when using the chest strap. So I checked out a variety of the top rated strapless heart rate monitors to ensure that I got quality for my money.
There is this issue that even top rated strapless heart rate monitors are not as accurate as those with a chest strap sensor. This is true but advances in technology have seen to it that the gap existing between these two has been considerably narrowed.

These strapless heart rate monitors are an ideal concept of how technology has helped to improve human fitness. No matter the brand, be it Mio, Timex or Bowflex, these heart rate monitors have balanced accuracy, user friendliness and comfort altogether.

The heart rate monitors calculate the average heart rate in terms of heartbeats per minute. This information is useful in deciding when to slow down or step up your speed as you exercise. They can be used by patients who have heart conditions to keep their heart rate in check or by those in need to shed off some weight. The heart rate monitors enable them to ensure that enough calories are being burnt as they workout. I personally use it to ensure my heart is pumping within normal range as I exercise in order to prevent any medical complications.

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