The New Home Elliptical Machine is Good

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My husband is an exercise freak. After he has his morning cup of coffee, he rushes off to the workout room to start his cardio exercise regimen. He runs nearly 45 minutes on the treadmill followed by at least half an hour on the elliptical machine. After this, he does some free hand workouts, spends some time on the multi-gym, and then does some weights. He does all this for nearly two hours without a real break, other than the standard five-minute gaps after each regimen.

working outExcept for the elliptical, all his workout gear were still in mint condition and worked as if they were purchased yesterday. So last Sunday, he started looking at sites that had the best home elliptical machines listed. He was basically looking for one that was durable enough to take his intense workout schedules. It also needed to occupy less space since the workout room was already crowded with the treadmill, various weights, the multi-gym with an attached rowing machine, and the elliptical. The new elliptical had to be foldable so he could add in other stuff if needed.

After an hour of intense online search, he finally located one that was affordable yet had all the features he was looking for. It was of the foldable variety and had several programs to suit desired exercise goals. It also had a random program setting which mixed exercise regimens and provided training for focused muscle groups. It had an extended warranty on the body frame and motor, which are the only two things that can possibly go wrong in an elliptical. He went ahead and bought it.

The new elliptical has been in the workout room now for two months. It runs like a song. My husband has in fact cut down on his daily treadmill run to 30 minutes and instead spends 45 minutes on the elliptical. He uses nearly all the programs, and feels he has a more intense cardio workout these days. I also like this new elliptical since I can fold it and stow it away when I am vacuuming the room on alternate days. We are sure we have one of the best home elliptical machines available in the market now until some better ones come by.

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