Out in the Woods

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Its scouts camping time again. This time round I am the one responsible for taking our scouting students on a three day camp out in the woods. This is my very first experience and am not very sure what is really expected of me but I have a pleasant feeling in my guts that all is going to be well. I have already allocated duties to several groups and each is supposed to be completely conversant with its duties. I go through the list of the things that we will need all over again and I must confess I am feeling a little bit overwhelmed.

At this point, I know that I must take everything in stride. I have this tendency of having everything jumbled up in my mind if something overwhelms me. So I figure out, if I can list down everything that we will need for Day 1 then the other days will be automatically catered for. On that day, we will need the first group to avail all the kitchenware items and cutlery we are going to need. then I need to avail maps to the second group who will be responsible for taking us to our final destination and back in good time. I need to provide the best LED flashlights 2015 to our security group which will be responsible for looking out for any intrusions as we sleep. We do not need a torch that burns for thirty minutes and automatically dims.

Therefore, the LED flashlights, I am sure will last us the whole time we will be camping as they have a longer battery life and the fact that the bulbs do not burn and and as such don’t need replacing is a major plus. They are also not that bulky which is essential as we already have a lot on our backs. That’s it! We are set to begin our adventure!

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