How to Choose a Kitchen Knife

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Selecting ideal kitchen knives is a based on quality durability and how compatible it is with user. My wife’s best kitchen knives is not my favorite therefore the basic to owning the best kitchen knives is to identify your personal preference and having mind that it is rare to have one chef knife that is the best everyone. However all this is brought together by common interests when picking the best kitchen knives which are weight, comfortable grip on the handle and blade material.

This is determined by the type of foods that one is slicing, dicing, chopping or mincing. the best kitchen knives for solid ingredients such as ginger and nuts need heavy knives on the other hand light kitchen knives are ideal for soft ingredients. I recommend MAC MTH-80 for a comfortable weight for slicing, dicing solid ingredients.I use the paring knife which ideal for vegetables. The blade ends in a sharp point. Because of their smaller dimensions, these knives allow for great control and speed.Suisin High Carbon Steel 8.2-Inch Korin Gyutou is ideal for this it is one of the best kitchen knives recommended for its light weight.

For fast and satisfying results one ought to have a better grip and feel more comfortable, pick knives that have a wooden or a rubber handle. I recommend a Victorinox Fibrox which fit for daily use, has a comfortable solid handle that is easy to grip.

The best kitchen knives are often made of carbon steel which gives a good edge fairly quickly, but care should be taken so they will not rust. I consider carbon steel a a good blade material since carbon steel knives are easy to sharpen at home despite the rust if not cared for. Victorinox Fibrox, Suisin High Carbon Steel 8.2-Inch Korin Gyutou and MAC MTH-80 are ideal carbon steel knives.

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