Elliptical Helped Me Meet My Goals

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Having a well-paying job without responsibility can spell disaster for any young man, and my story was no exception. Let us just say that after a decade of living irresponsibly and overindulgence, I still had the job, but the same could not be said about my looks. I was grossly overweight and I looked several years older than my age mates did. I decided to put an end to this disgusting way of life and hit the gym at the age of 32.

However, I found the gym too strenuous considering that I was too overweight and also because I was embarrassed to be in the same space with all the fit people that went to the same gym. After researching carefully, I decided that an elliptical machine would help me meet my goals at my own pace. Since I am disciplined when I set my mind at something, I knew a good elliptical machine was the answer I was looking for.

After going through several elliptical reviews, I settled on an elliptical machine as I could reach the cardio levels possible with a treadmill, but without the impact. I finally picked the SOLE E95 because of its handle bar controls for its incline and resistance levels. I scheduled two workouts per day. I worked out for thirty minutes in the morning before work and thirty minutes in the evening after work. I would add 15 minutes to each workout during the weekend as I did not have to go to work.
I was able to lose a whopping 100 pounds within the first two months, while the rest came off slowly. I am now able to go to the gym every now and then because I am no longer ashamed of my body. Moreover, and have since adjusted the resistance on my machine to the highest level. I am happy that I now look like a young man in his prime.

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