Cycling Everyday Keeps a Doctor Away

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I commute by bike everyday, I ride to go swimming, go shopping and do many other things. It has become my source of transportation and fitness equipment.

I was often asked by someone that wouldn’t it be easier to drive a car? I answered them, of course it’s easier, but I love sports. It’s a kind of exercise to ride everyday. I think cycling is the best way to exercise, even more useful than a running machine placed in my home.
Physical efforts are required to ride a bike, especially when you are going up a slope or against the wind. One of my friend who is also a lover of cycling once told me, ” Either following or against the wind, it’s beneficial to ride a bicycle. It will put you in better spirits when following the wind as it saved you lots of energy, while against the wind enables you to build up your body.” Sounds ridiculous, but it’s true.

One day at a cycling club, I heard people talking about heart rate monitor watch for cycling. They said it will monitor your heart rate, figure out the energy you consumed and remind you of your workout. Attracted by its function, I surfed the internet and learned more about heart rate monitor watch as soon as I got home. It said to keep fit, you must take aerobic exercises which means your heart rate have to reach 60%-80% of the HRmax that you could bear. Moreover, your exercise time should be no less than 30 minutes or else it’s hard to take effect. It came to me that the best heart rate monitor watch for cycling sells for no more than a hundred dollars. It’s a fair price, if things could really work out, it may be well worthy to buy one.

As an enthusiast of cycling as well as sports, I believe it’s perfectly suitable to me. So I could’t wait to buy one for myself, when it arrived to me, I fell in love with the gadget for the first sight. It has functions of displaying my heart rate in real time, time keeping, monitoring your average and maximum heart rate, exercise time, the real, average and maximum speed during your cycling. What’s more, it can also figure out your trip distance, altitude, temperature as well as power output.

After having a heart rate monitor watch, I’ve been having more fun and getting more out of cycling.

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