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Do you need an elliptical machine?

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Today, people all over the world are really struggling to ensure that they keep their own bodies in shape. This is because they have busy work schedules and lifestyles. With the best elliptical machines, you are able to get a solid workout which utilizes a variety of muscle groups which include quadriceps, butt, hamstrings, triceps, chest, biceps, back and core.


Some of the factors to consider before you decide to buy an elliptical machine include the cost of the product, stride width, return policy of the company, the guarantee offered by the company for replacement or repair and flywheel or the magnetic resistance. Click here to find the best home elliptical reviews which will help you to choose the best elliptical machine which meets your own needs. These are some of the best brands and models of elliptical machines.

  • Nautilus E514c

This machine offer users twenty one (21) workout programs and ECB resistance. A heart monitor is also installed with it. It also comes with built-in speaker, 15 year warranty, 18 inch stride and a built-in fan. It is made for all users who weigh exactly 300 lbs. The measurements of this machine include 26 inch width, 62 inch length and 71 inch height.

  • Sole E25

This machine offer users ten workout programs. It also has sixteen resistance levels. It uses ECB resistance. It also comes with built-in speakers, lifetime frame warranty, 20 inch stride and built-in fan. Sole E25 is made for people who weigh exactly 325 lbs and also those who weigh less than 325 lbs. This machine also contains minor accessories like backlit LCD display, water bottle holder and power incline. Its measurements are 29 inch width, 67 inch length and 55 inch height. Read more here.

  • Horizon fitness EX-69-2

This machine has a grip heart monitor, magnetic resistance and sixteen resistance levels. It can actually support weight which is approximately 300 lbs. It is accompanied with a lifetime frame warranty. It is also equipped with a water bottle holder and a backlit LCD display. Users are able to access eleven workout programs. Its measurements are around 22 inch width, 73 inch length and 65 inch height.

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Cycling Everyday Keeps a Doctor Away

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I commute by bike everyday, I ride to go swimming, go shopping and do many other things. It has become my source of transportation and fitness equipment.

I was often asked by someone that wouldn’t it be easier to drive a car? I answered them, of course it’s easier, but I love sports. It’s a kind of exercise to ride everyday. I think cycling is the best way to exercise, even more useful than a running machine placed in my home.
Physical efforts are required to ride a bike, especially when you are going up a slope or against the wind. One of my friend who is also a lover of cycling once told me, ” Either following or against the wind, it’s beneficial to ride a bicycle. It will put you in better spirits when following the wind as it saved you lots of energy, while against the wind enables you to build up your body.” Sounds ridiculous, but it’s true.

One day at a cycling club, I heard people talking about heart rate monitor watch for cycling. They said it will monitor your heart rate, figure out the energy you consumed and remind you of your workout. Attracted by its function, I surfed the internet and learned more about heart rate monitor watch as soon as I got home. It said to keep fit, you must take aerobic exercises which means your heart rate have to reach 60%-80% of the HRmax that you could bear. Moreover, your exercise time should be no less than 30 minutes or else it’s hard to take effect. It came to me that the best heart rate monitor watch for cycling sells for no more than a hundred dollars. It’s a fair price, if things could really work out, it may be well worthy to buy one.

As an enthusiast of cycling as well as sports, I believe it’s perfectly suitable to me. So I could’t wait to buy one for myself, when it arrived to me, I fell in love with the gadget for the first sight. It has functions of displaying my heart rate in real time, time keeping, monitoring your average and maximum heart rate, exercise time, the real, average and maximum speed during your cycling. What’s more, it can also figure out your trip distance, altitude, temperature as well as power output.

After having a heart rate monitor watch, I’ve been having more fun and getting more out of cycling.

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Fitness: Diet Tips

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Want to Buy My Sweat Stained Yoga Mat?

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Yes, hot yoga is a thing, a terrible, horrible, torturous thing. I’m still not sure what possessed me to try it out, I’ve chosen to disown that part of my psyche. I got a free hot yoga class with my local gym membership so at least it did not cost me much to add 1 more thing to the list of things I hate with the burning passion of a thousand suns. I’m now the proud owner of a sweat stained yoga mat that will sit in my garage and collect dust for all eternity or until the world explodes, whichever comes first.

To begin with I did what any sane person would do after signing up for a hot yoga class and that is, a search on the internet for “best cheap hot yoga mat review“. I had no idea that there were so many choices of yoga mat out there. Being a yoga newbie of course I did not really know what to look for in a yoga mat so I bought there first one I saw. This was my second mistake, as signing up for the class at all was my first.

After spending half an hour in a furnace full of body odor and what I am assuming is the smell of 30 souls being crushed I realized that not only is this horrible but the yoga mat you choose actually makes a difference. Not only did my yoga mat not absorb any of the close to 7000 gallons of salty sweat I was pouring onto it, it also stuck to my skin like a hot leather seat. After bathing in the pool of sweat that had accumulated in the center of my mat I would then be forced to return to a standing position and peel my skin off the mat for the eightieth time. I say all that to give you this one helpful tidbit, hot yoga is just not for me!

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