A New Mom’s Training Best Friend

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trainingI have a feeling I am not alone in this. By ‘this’ I am referring to the anxiety about body image that kicks in a few weeks post-partum. Just like every first-time mom, I had stupidly hoped that the stories about horrid stretch marks, loose skin on the abdomen and pounds of unwanted weight after pregnancy would not be my portion. How wrong I had been. The only thing I did not get after my baby arrived was a good night’s sleep.

After we had settled into a routine and the constant stream of visitors had died out, I started taking a serious look at how I looked. I was depressed. However, being resilient by nature, I decided not to wallow in self-pity and start working on, if not my pre-pregnancy figure, at least a body I could be proud of.

I decided that since we did not have a nanny and wanted to take care of the baby without help my best bet would be an elliptical machine. The machine would allow me to train towards a healthy body without leaving my baby who was still too young to go outdoors.

I started looking online at reviews for best ellipticals and read as many of these as I could. I was looking for a machine that was not too big so that it could fit into a room in the corner we converted into a home gym, far away from the nursery. I wanted a machine that would have all the settings I needed: stair climbing, walking and running. I finally settled on the Nordic Track Elite 12.7. It is sturdy so I did not have to worry about falling, especially considering my joints were still vulnerable after all the shifting that takes place during pregnancy to accommodate a baby. What I liked best about this trainer was its Wi-Fi compatibility that enabled me to listen to music as I exercised, and for a moment there I was a carefree girl with the only thing to worry i the world being how to maneuver the next incline.

I am happy to report that the figure is coming along nicely although I have a few more pounds to shed. As for the stretch marks, I might have to wait for time to heal these badges of honor, or so I have been told. Only time will tell.

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