A Heart Rate Monitor for Running

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When our son decided to run the full TCS New York City Marathon this November, he started running on secluded country roads and averaged nearly 25 km each day. That was until last month. This month he has notched up his runs to 30 kms everyday, and plans on increasing by 5 km increments each month until he reaches the target run distance of 42.195 kms. He plans on running this distance everyday until he runs the marathon.
With all this running, his dad suggested that he buy a heart rate monitor that not only monitors his heart rate, but also times his runs, determines the total calories burned, distance traveled, location through GPS, lap times etc. Though he didn’t say it in many words, I knew what was going on at the back of his mind. He had heard and read on many athletes who had suddenly dropped dead when they had exceeded their target heart rates.

So we started looking online for best heart rate monitor watch 2015 reviews. We were looking for a watch that was strapless, was water resistant since it would suddenly start raining on the hills where he ran, had zone alerts, and had the highest rating in these reviews.

We finally were able to locate one that was highest in the ranking and had all the features that we were looking for, other than not being strapless. That would be a real problem for my son since in his long runs he didn’t want the additional burden of a strap tied to his chest. So we started looking at the next one that was also quite high in the ranking list and was strapless.

This model did not offer water resistance though. We decided to buy this one anyway because of it being strapless, compromising with it not having water resistance because he couldn’t run anyway on the slushy country roads when it started pouring. Instead, he would tuck it away until the rain stopped or he got home. Thanks to our searching for reviews, we could locate a suitable heart rate monitor for our son. In fact, after getting the heart rate monitor, my husband sleeps better these days.

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