A Good Heart Rate Monitor for the Whole Family

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suuntoAfter I was told that I had elevated cholesterol levels, especially the bad cholesterol LDL, I was advised to exercise more by our family physician to help me increase my good cholesterol HDL. Other than being a weekend warrior, I hardly have time during the weekdays to exercise adequately, except for that one-hour gap between waking up, having my cup of coffee, and then getting ready for the office. So I decided to get myself a treadmill, but was instructed by the doctor not to overdo it and monitor my heart rate at all times so that it remains within the safe zone between 60 to 80% of my maximum heart rate. I decided to buy a heart rate monitor also.

The treadmill was an easy buy since I didn’t want to run on elevated tracks, and one that could run flat at 6 km/hr would do just fine. I wanted to buy a good heart rate monitor though, so started looking at good heart rate monitors 2015 online. There were various choices, but I wanted one that could track metrics other than the essential ones, such as ones that could take in inputs of my height and weight and offer me the right exercise regimen. I also wanted one that had excellent battery life, great memory storage, and could measure a wide range of heart rates. I also would wear it during my weekend 10 km runs in the woods, and needed to know my location through GPS, the distance I had run and my speed.

My target heart rate was 170, so I needed an alert when I reached the rate. In case my wife wanted to use it, her target was 174. So we needed one that could set various targets in case others in the family wanted to use it.

I found a good heart rate monitor, and we now take our turns in wearing the monitor depending on whoever is using the treadmill. I use it exclusively during the weekends though, since I am virtually running all the time, either on errands or my morning runs in the woods.

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