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How to Choose a Kitchen Knife

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best kitchen knife
Selecting ideal kitchen knives is a based on quality durability and how compatible it is with user. My wife’s best kitchen knives is not my favorite therefore the basic to owning the best kitchen knives is to identify your personal preference and having mind that it is rare to have one chef knife that is the best everyone. However all this is brought together by common interests when picking the best kitchen knives which are weight, comfortable grip on the handle and blade material.

This is determined by the type of foods that one is slicing, dicing, chopping or mincing. the best kitchen knives for solid ingredients such as ginger and nuts need heavy knives on the other hand light kitchen knives are ideal for soft ingredients. I recommend MAC MTH-80 for a comfortable weight for slicing, dicing solid ingredients.I use the paring knife which ideal for vegetables. The blade ends in a sharp point. Because of their smaller dimensions, these knives allow for great control and speed.Suisin High Carbon Steel 8.2-Inch Korin Gyutou is ideal for this it is one of the best kitchen knives recommended for its light weight.

For fast and satisfying results one ought to have a better grip and feel more comfortable, pick knives that have a wooden or a rubber handle. I recommend a Victorinox Fibrox which fit for daily use, has a comfortable solid handle that is easy to grip.

The best kitchen knives are often made of carbon steel which gives a good edge fairly quickly, but care should be taken so they will not rust. I consider carbon steel a a good blade material since carbon steel knives are easy to sharpen at home despite the rust if not cared for. Victorinox Fibrox, Suisin High Carbon Steel 8.2-Inch Korin Gyutou and MAC MTH-80 are ideal carbon steel knives.

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A Guide to the Best Nonstick Cookware

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Maybe you want to prepare a delicious recipe for your family and you are considering purchasing some extra cooking pots and pans, here is a guideline to the best non stick cookware. It will help you with regards to purchasing the best cooking tools depending on your needs.
non stick pan
The type of non stick coating material is very important. Some brands are very specific about what the coating is made from while others are less up front. It is important to note that nonstick cookware falls under two categories, that is the Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and the ceramic.

The PTFE cookware is a classic nonstick material that is extremely functional. However people are concerned about their safety because when it is overheated, the PTFE coatings can break down to release gases that are harmful. If you own birds it is important to note that birds are more sensitive to PTFE fumes than human beings. While cooking with this cookware, always cook on low or medium heat and never preheat an empty pan. If you are not cooking with liquids that absorb heat, pay attention to the pan’s surface. Take extra care when using light weight cookware and never leave a pan unattended to.

Ceramic cookware is considered as the safest and most environmental friendly cooking option. This is because it is free of PTFE and also because in a wide variety of colors and styles. It is said that ceramic cookware has a shorter life span when compared to PTFE cookware. However this depends solely on your style of cooking. If you cook using oil make sure you clean all the cooked oil to avoid building up of oil layers that diminishes the non stick properties of the cookware. When scrubbing of the layers of oil, make sure you do it gently because vigorous scrubbing takes the non stick surface with it.
In conclusion, the key to a good cooking pleasure lies in the cooking materials. Make sure you use the best non stick cookware.

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Out in the Woods

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Its scouts camping time again. This time round I am the one responsible for taking our scouting students on a three day camp out in the woods. This is my very first experience and am not very sure what is really expected of me but I have a pleasant feeling in my guts that all is going to be well. I have already allocated duties to several groups and each is supposed to be completely conversant with its duties. I go through the list of the things that we will need all over again and I must confess I am feeling a little bit overwhelmed.

At this point, I know that I must take everything in stride. I have this tendency of having everything jumbled up in my mind if something overwhelms me. So I figure out, if I can list down everything that we will need for Day 1 then the other days will be automatically catered for. On that day, we will need the first group to avail all the kitchenware items and cutlery we are going to need. then I need to avail maps to the second group who will be responsible for taking us to our final destination and back in good time. I need to provide the best LED flashlights 2015 to our security group which will be responsible for looking out for any intrusions as we sleep. We do not need a torch that burns for thirty minutes and automatically dims.

Therefore, the LED flashlights, I am sure will last us the whole time we will be camping as they have a longer battery life and the fact that the bulbs do not burn and and as such don’t need replacing is a major plus. They are also not that bulky which is essential as we already have a lot on our backs. That’s it! We are set to begin our adventure!

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My Favorite Tents For Family Backpacking

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It can be very challenging to find a tent that meets all of your needs for backpacking, and doubly so when you’re bringing the whole family along for the ride. In this article I will try to shed some light on some of the top family tents for backpacking, so you don’t have to spend the time and money that I did researching something that will meet your needs.

It’s important to keep in mind what you will be using your tent for. For example, if you are planning on visiting a colder area you would want a tent that is made from a thicker material that will retain heat better. Unfortunately, this comes with a steeper price tag. You will be grateful that you spent the extra money for a tent that will keep you warm however. After trying several different tents for this purpose, my family and I settled on the Big Agnes Flying Diamond. All the tents in the Big Agnes line are rated for cold weather, and feature a doubled polyester material with all steel poles. Set up was also a breeze, taking less than 10 minutes from bag to livable shelter. The Big Agnes Flying Diamond will comfortably sleep six people (the description claims eight, but it never mentions comfort). While this tent is a bit of an investment, retailing for around $670, I found the durability and heat retention made it a worthwhile value.

If you and you’re family are more fond of warm weather backpacking trips however, a different tent will meet your needs better. Just keep in mind that a tent rated for colder weather can be used in any climate, a tent rated for higher temperatures won’t be able to keep you warm enough. So if it’s a possibility that you would consider camping in a colder climate I would still recommend that Big Agnes Flying Diamond. If you’re dead-set on staying where it’s warm on the other hand, my favorite warm weather tent is the Eureka Copper Canyon line. These tents feature a double walled polyester construction and fiberglass mounting poles. This tent claims to sleep six comfortably, but I found that my five person family was packed in a bit snug. All things considered though, this tent is still very high quality. And clocking in at only $260 dollars, it won’t break the bank either.

I hope my experiences with these two different tents will give you the information that will allow you to make an informed decision when you choose to purchase your own. Camping is a highly rewarding activity, allowing you to see all the beauty that nature has to offer you. And I hope that these tips will allow you to make sure that your next trip goes smoothly!

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Do you need an elliptical machine?

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Today, people all over the world are really struggling to ensure that they keep their own bodies in shape. This is because they have busy work schedules and lifestyles. With the best elliptical machines, you are able to get a solid workout which utilizes a variety of muscle groups which include quadriceps, butt, hamstrings, triceps, chest, biceps, back and core.


Some of the factors to consider before you decide to buy an elliptical machine include the cost of the product, stride width, return policy of the company, the guarantee offered by the company for replacement or repair and flywheel or the magnetic resistance. Click here to find the best home elliptical reviews which will help you to choose the best elliptical machine which meets your own needs. These are some of the best brands and models of elliptical machines.

  • Nautilus E514c

This machine offer users twenty one (21) workout programs and ECB resistance. A heart monitor is also installed with it. It also comes with built-in speaker, 15 year warranty, 18 inch stride and a built-in fan. It is made for all users who weigh exactly 300 lbs. The measurements of this machine include 26 inch width, 62 inch length and 71 inch height.

  • Sole E25

This machine offer users ten workout programs. It also has sixteen resistance levels. It uses ECB resistance. It also comes with built-in speakers, lifetime frame warranty, 20 inch stride and built-in fan. Sole E25 is made for people who weigh exactly 325 lbs and also those who weigh less than 325 lbs. This machine also contains minor accessories like backlit LCD display, water bottle holder and power incline. Its measurements are 29 inch width, 67 inch length and 55 inch height. Read more here.

  • Horizon fitness EX-69-2

This machine has a grip heart monitor, magnetic resistance and sixteen resistance levels. It can actually support weight which is approximately 300 lbs. It is accompanied with a lifetime frame warranty. It is also equipped with a water bottle holder and a backlit LCD display. Users are able to access eleven workout programs. Its measurements are around 22 inch width, 73 inch length and 65 inch height.

More reading on the fitness expert.

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Cycling Everyday Keeps a Doctor Away

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I commute by bike everyday, I ride to go swimming, go shopping and do many other things. It has become my source of transportation and fitness equipment.

I was often asked by someone that wouldn’t it be easier to drive a car? I answered them, of course it’s easier, but I love sports. It’s a kind of exercise to ride everyday. I think cycling is the best way to exercise, even more useful than a running machine placed in my home.
Physical efforts are required to ride a bike, especially when you are going up a slope or against the wind. One of my friend who is also a lover of cycling once told me, ” Either following or against the wind, it’s beneficial to ride a bicycle. It will put you in better spirits when following the wind as it saved you lots of energy, while against the wind enables you to build up your body.” Sounds ridiculous, but it’s true.

One day at a cycling club, I heard people talking about heart rate monitor watch for cycling. They said it will monitor your heart rate, figure out the energy you consumed and remind you of your workout. Attracted by its function, I surfed the internet and learned more about heart rate monitor watch as soon as I got home. It said to keep fit, you must take aerobic exercises which means your heart rate have to reach 60%-80% of the HRmax that you could bear. Moreover, your exercise time should be no less than 30 minutes or else it’s hard to take effect. It came to me that the best heart rate monitor watch for cycling sells for no more than a hundred dollars. It’s a fair price, if things could really work out, it may be well worthy to buy one.

As an enthusiast of cycling as well as sports, I believe it’s perfectly suitable to me. So I could’t wait to buy one for myself, when it arrived to me, I fell in love with the gadget for the first sight. It has functions of displaying my heart rate in real time, time keeping, monitoring your average and maximum heart rate, exercise time, the real, average and maximum speed during your cycling. What’s more, it can also figure out your trip distance, altitude, temperature as well as power output.

After having a heart rate monitor watch, I’ve been having more fun and getting more out of cycling.

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A Good Heart Rate Monitor for the Whole Family

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suuntoAfter I was told that I had elevated cholesterol levels, especially the bad cholesterol LDL, I was advised to exercise more by our family physician to help me increase my good cholesterol HDL. Other than being a weekend warrior, I hardly have time during the weekdays to exercise adequately, except for that one-hour gap between waking up, having my cup of coffee, and then getting ready for the office. So I decided to get myself a treadmill, but was instructed by the doctor not to overdo it and monitor my heart rate at all times so that it remains within the safe zone between 60 to 80% of my maximum heart rate. I decided to buy a heart rate monitor also.

The treadmill was an easy buy since I didn’t want to run on elevated tracks, and one that could run flat at 6 km/hr would do just fine. I wanted to buy a good heart rate monitor though, so started looking at good heart rate monitors 2015 online. There were various choices, but I wanted one that could track metrics other than the essential ones, such as ones that could take in inputs of my height and weight and offer me the right exercise regimen. I also wanted one that had excellent battery life, great memory storage, and could measure a wide range of heart rates. I also would wear it during my weekend 10 km runs in the woods, and needed to know my location through GPS, the distance I had run and my speed.

My target heart rate was 170, so I needed an alert when I reached the rate. In case my wife wanted to use it, her target was 174. So we needed one that could set various targets in case others in the family wanted to use it.

I found a good heart rate monitor, and we now take our turns in wearing the monitor depending on whoever is using the treadmill. I use it exclusively during the weekends though, since I am virtually running all the time, either on errands or my morning runs in the woods.

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Want to Buy My Sweat Stained Yoga Mat?

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Yes, hot yoga is a thing, a terrible, horrible, torturous thing. I’m still not sure what possessed me to try it out, I’ve chosen to disown that part of my psyche. I got a free hot yoga class with my local gym membership so at least it did not cost me much to add 1 more thing to the list of things I hate with the burning passion of a thousand suns. I’m now the proud owner of a sweat stained yoga mat that will sit in my garage and collect dust for all eternity or until the world explodes, whichever comes first.

To begin with I did what any sane person would do after signing up for a hot yoga class and that is, a search on the internet for “best cheap hot yoga mat review”. I had no idea that there were so many choices of yoga mat out there. Being a yoga newbie of course I did not really know what to look for in a yoga mat so I bought there first one I saw. This was my second mistake, as signing up for the class at all was my first.

After spending half an hour in a furnace full of body odor and what I am assuming is the smell of 30 souls being crushed I realized that not only is this horrible but the yoga mat you choose actually makes a difference. Not only did my yoga mat not absorb any of the close to 7000 gallons of salty sweat I was pouring onto it, it also stuck to my skin like a hot leather seat. After bathing in the pool of sweat that had accumulated in the center of my mat I would then be forced to return to a standing position and peel my skin off the mat for the eightieth time. I say all that to give you this one helpful tidbit, hot yoga is just not for me!

Read this – Body on Yoga

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Elliptical Helped Me Meet My Goals

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Having a well-paying job without responsibility can spell disaster for any young man, and my story was no exception. Let us just say that after a decade of living irresponsibly and overindulgence, I still had the job, but the same could not be said about my looks. I was grossly overweight and I looked several years older than my age mates did. I decided to put an end to this disgusting way of life and hit the gym at the age of 32.

However, I found the gym too strenuous considering that I was too overweight and also because I was embarrassed to be in the same space with all the fit people that went to the same gym. After researching carefully, I decided that an elliptical machine would help me meet my goals at my own pace. Since I am disciplined when I set my mind at something, I knew a good elliptical machine was the answer I was looking for.

After going through several elliptical reviews, I settled on an elliptical machine as I could reach the cardio levels possible with a treadmill, but without the impact. I finally picked the SOLE E95 because of its handle bar controls for its incline and resistance levels. I scheduled two workouts per day. I worked out for thirty minutes in the morning before work and thirty minutes in the evening after work. I would add 15 minutes to each workout during the weekend as I did not have to go to work.
I was able to lose a whopping 100 pounds within the first two months, while the rest came off slowly. I am now able to go to the gym every now and then because I am no longer ashamed of my body. Moreover, and have since adjusted the resistance on my machine to the highest level. I am happy that I now look like a young man in his prime.

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A New Mom’s Training Best Friend

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trainingI have a feeling I am not alone in this. By ‘this’ I am referring to the anxiety about body image that kicks in a few weeks post-partum. Just like every first-time mom, I had stupidly hoped that the stories about horrid stretch marks, loose skin on the abdomen and pounds of unwanted weight after pregnancy would not be my portion. How wrong I had been. The only thing I did not get after my baby arrived was a good night’s sleep.

After we had settled into a routine and the constant stream of visitors had died out, I started taking a serious look at how I looked. I was depressed. However, being resilient by nature, I decided not to wallow in self-pity and start working on, if not my pre-pregnancy figure, at least a body I could be proud of.

I decided that since we did not have a nanny and wanted to take care of the baby without help my best bet would be an elliptical machine. The machine would allow me to train towards a healthy body without leaving my baby who was still too young to go outdoors.

I started looking online at reviews for best ellipticals and read as many of these as I could. I was looking for a machine that was not too big so that it could fit into a room in the corner we converted into a home gym, far away from the nursery. I wanted a machine that would have all the settings I needed: stair climbing, walking and running. I finally settled on the Nordic Track Elite 12.7. It is sturdy so I did not have to worry about falling, especially considering my joints were still vulnerable after all the shifting that takes place during pregnancy to accommodate a baby. What I liked best about this trainer was its Wi-Fi compatibility that enabled me to listen to music as I exercised, and for a moment there I was a carefree girl with the only thing to worry i the world being how to maneuver the next incline.

I am happy to report that the figure is coming along nicely although I have a few more pounds to shed. As for the stretch marks, I might have to wait for time to heal these badges of honor, or so I have been told. Only time will tell.

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The Reason Why I Use a Strapless Heart Rate Monitor

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Just the other day I was having some problems with my fitness exercises. I never knew how much exercise to do daily so as to keep healthy. Was I doing less of the exercises or actually overdoing them? Was I really getting the best out of these exercises? This is when I decided to get myself a heart rate monitor. It was to help me calculate and maintain my heart rate within a given target zone in order to get the best results out of these exercises.

A new problem came up in deciding the type of heart rate monitor to use. After some needed research, I managed to choose the strapless monitor. I felt it was convenient with my type of exercise which was basically jogging. I didn’t see the need of a chest strap when jogging around. Better still, I get uncomfortable when using the chest strap. So I checked out a variety of the top rated strapless heart rate monitors to ensure that I got quality for my money.
There is this issue that even top rated strapless heart rate monitors are not as accurate as those with a chest strap sensor. This is true but advances in technology have seen to it that the gap existing between these two has been considerably narrowed.

These strapless heart rate monitors are an ideal concept of how technology has helped to improve human fitness. No matter the brand, be it Mio, Timex or Bowflex, these heart rate monitors have balanced accuracy, user friendliness and comfort altogether.

The heart rate monitors calculate the average heart rate in terms of heartbeats per minute. This information is useful in deciding when to slow down or step up your speed as you exercise. They can be used by patients who have heart conditions to keep their heart rate in check or by those in need to shed off some weight. The heart rate monitors enable them to ensure that enough calories are being burnt as they workout. I personally use it to ensure my heart is pumping within normal range as I exercise in order to prevent any medical complications.

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Deciding Between Three High-Rated Elliptical Machines

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I recently decided to buy an elliptical machine for my apartment. I have a local gym membership, but I don’t go as often as I’d like, so when I have the option to renew my membership this April, I figured I would decline and then use the money to buy my own elliptical machine for a more convenient exercise option. I know that I want something affordable that is easy to install and maintain, but isn’t too flimsy. I have started looking into various models, and there is quite a wide range of variety. The prices I’ve found vary from $300 to $2,000!

I talked to two trainers at my gym, asked some friends on Facebook, and searched online for elliptical machine ratings 2015. So far I have been able to narrow the pool down to three models: the Schwinn 430, the ProForm Smart Stride, and the Exerpeutic 1000XL.
elliptical at home
The Schwinn 430 is high-rated elliptical among fitness magazines, and it is available for about $500. It has 20 different resistance settings and a USB port. I like that I can connect it to MyFItness Pal, but the machine itself seems a slightly unsteady. It guarantees to withstand up to 300 pounds of weight, and I am nowhere near that size, but when I tried a model at a local athletic store, it didn’t feel as secure as I would like. This just might be a personal preference of mine because it was rated 6 out of the top 10 elliptical machines by Health and Wellness. Also, I can’t beat the price. It’s one of the highest rated machines under $600.

The ProForm Smart Strider is pretty incredible. It has 24 resistance settings, has an option to move your arms or keep them stable, and you can FOLD IT UP! How handy is that? I’ve never seen such a sturdy machine with this collapsible. It seems to be the perfect blend of convenience and performance. The one problem is that at $1,200 it is by far the most expensive of my final choices. One of my friends recommended it, and a man at my gym encouraged me to think of this as an investment: would I really want to spend half as much on something I didn’t like?

The Exerpeutic 1000XL is only $200 and came recommended by a close friend of mine. I was wary because it’s so cheap that I thought it would be trashy, but it has a lot of terrific reviews. You change the resistance on this model by turning a knob which is the main difference between this one and the other two. I think this is why this model is so inexpensive. Also, the stride range on the Exerpeutic is only 13 inches, and I have very long legs, so I think I’m going to try it out before I make my final decision.

They’ve all been rated fairly well by experts. I really like the option to food up the ProForm, but it is so expensive. I love the $200 price of the Exerpeutic, but I’m really worried about maintaining a consistent workout with a manual resistance machine. The Schwinn seems to be a nice compromise, but I’m worried about durability.

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The New Home Elliptical Machine is Good

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My husband is an exercise freak. After he has his morning cup of coffee, he rushes off to the workout room to start his cardio exercise regimen. He runs nearly 45 minutes on the treadmill followed by at least half an hour on the elliptical machine. After this, he does some free hand workouts, spends some time on the multi-gym, and then does some weights. He does all this for nearly two hours without a real break, other than the standard five-minute gaps after each regimen.

working outExcept for the elliptical, all his workout gear were still in mint condition and worked as if they were purchased yesterday. So last Sunday, he started looking at sites that had the best home elliptical machines listed. He was basically looking for one that was durable enough to take his intense workout schedules. It also needed to occupy less space since the workout room was already crowded with the treadmill, various weights, the multi-gym with an attached rowing machine, and the elliptical. The new elliptical had to be foldable so he could add in other stuff if needed.

After an hour of intense online search, he finally located one that was affordable yet had all the features he was looking for. It was of the foldable variety and had several programs to suit desired exercise goals. It also had a random program setting which mixed exercise regimens and provided training for focused muscle groups. It had an extended warranty on the body frame and motor, which are the only two things that can possibly go wrong in an elliptical. He went ahead and bought it.

The new elliptical has been in the workout room now for two months. It runs like a song. My husband has in fact cut down on his daily treadmill run to 30 minutes and instead spends 45 minutes on the elliptical. He uses nearly all the programs, and feels he has a more intense cardio workout these days. I also like this new elliptical since I can fold it and stow it away when I am vacuuming the room on alternate days. We are sure we have one of the best home elliptical machines available in the market now until some better ones come by.

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A Heart Rate Monitor for Running

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When our son decided to run the full TCS New York City Marathon this November, he started running on secluded country roads and averaged nearly 25 km each day. That was until last month. This month he has notched up his runs to 30 kms everyday, and plans on increasing by 5 km increments each month until he reaches the target run distance of 42.195 kms. He plans on running this distance everyday until he runs the marathon.
With all this running, his dad suggested that he buy a heart rate monitor that not only monitors his heart rate, but also times his runs, determines the total calories burned, distance traveled, location through GPS, lap times etc. Though he didn’t say it in many words, I knew what was going on at the back of his mind. He had heard and read on many athletes who had suddenly dropped dead when they had exceeded their target heart rates.

So we started looking online for best heart rate monitor watch 2015 reviews. We were looking for a watch that was strapless, was water resistant since it would suddenly start raining on the hills where he ran, had zone alerts, and had the highest rating in these reviews.

We finally were able to locate one that was highest in the ranking and had all the features that we were looking for, other than not being strapless. That would be a real problem for my son since in his long runs he didn’t want the additional burden of a strap tied to his chest. So we started looking at the next one that was also quite high in the ranking list and was strapless.

This model did not offer water resistance though. We decided to buy this one anyway because of it being strapless, compromising with it not having water resistance because he couldn’t run anyway on the slushy country roads when it started pouring. Instead, he would tuck it away until the rain stopped or he got home. Thanks to our searching for reviews, we could locate a suitable heart rate monitor for our son. In fact, after getting the heart rate monitor, my husband sleeps better these days.

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